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CO2 Scrubber
Welltech’s CO2 scrubber is directly to absorb the CO2 and keep the chamber CO2 in low level.   Without CO2 scrubber, CO2 will increase very quickly in short time especially in a closed room without fresh air. 

CO2 scrubber must be used for athletic chamber or hypoxic room.
The CO2 Scrubber Consists Of

  • CO2 filtering system
  • Regeneration system
  • LCD touch screen controller
  • Multi-control
  • Fan motor with speed controller
  • CO2 sensor
  • HEPA & activated carbon filter
  • Siemens PLC with HMI LCD touch screen controller,digital display
  • Single unit or multi-unit control
  • Operation mode: Manual on/off, time mode, CO2 mode
  • With CO2 ppm display
  • Keep CO2 < 2000ppm
  • With CO2 catalyst
  • CO2 catalyst life > 10 years
  • Regenerable
  • With regeneration system
  • Scheduled start / stop operation
  • Saturation time indication
  • Auto-operation
  • Data storage:USB memory flash
  • With HEPA filter
  • With activated carbon filter
  • Material: 304 S.S. or g. steel with coating
  • Remote control by ipad (option)
  • Power supply: 1phase 240Vac
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