Athletic Chamber
Welltech designs and builds the Athletic Environmental Chambers for the customers who need the unique environments for their sports science and human performance applications. Each chamber is specifically built to stimulate a variety of environmental parameters,in order to achieve the complete and desired weather conditions inside the environmental chamber.

“Welltech” Athletic Chamber

Custom-built to provide the safe, unique and desired environment for sports science and human performance applications.
One Chamber offering the combination of a variety of environmental parameters including standard temperature and humidity, CO2, O2, solar , wind ,rain and snow etc.
Installations in the worldwide institutes.
The chamber can stimulate different kinds of weather for athlete to do the training & exercise inside, with temperature range from -40 to 80C and humidity from 10 to 99%RH.
It can be integrated with the following system to become an all-in-one multi-function chamber
  • Hypoxic System
  • CO2 Scrubber
  • Wind Simulator
  • Solar Simulator
  • Rain Simulator
  • Snow Gun
  • Ice Bath

For all-in-one multifunction Athletic Environmental Chamber, it can perform

Temperature: -40 to 80C      Humidity: 10-98%RH    Solar Radiation: 400 to 1200W/m2        CO2 Scrubber: < 1000ppm  Wind Speed: 0-12m/s    Rain: 450L/m2h    Snow       
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