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About WELLTECH ~ The Pioneer in Athletic Chambers

WELLTECH was founded in 2001 and now is the world leading designer and manufacturer of athletic chambers for the sports science and human performance applications. 

Our athletic chambers provide the unique and desired environments and we have had the rich and traceable experiences in the worldwide installations with a good reputation.

In our manufacturing we are mainly using reliable components from recognizable brands to make sure the superior quality and safety of the chambers delivered. Our experienced team monitors the design and production of the chambers, and our appointed local service partners carry out the on-site services of our chambers when applicable.

Our MISSION ~ Serving the Unique Human Performance Market

We have taken up the challenge to design and build the athletic chambers for the sports science and human performance applications.

Our athletic chambers are one chamber solution offering the combination of a variety of environmental parameters and safe system for human use.

We work with the customers directly or local service partners for their end users.

Our TECHNOLOGY ~ Customer Satisfaction in using our Athletic Chambers

We are the champion to offer the signature all-in-one athletic chambers with the combination of a variety of environmental parameters including temperature/humidity, O2, CO2, solar, wind, rain and snow.

Our athletic chambers have the unique and advanceable features:

One Chamber Solution
Single chamber offering the combination of a variety of extreme environmental parameters; flexible for the initial or future integration.

Custom Designed Chamber to comply the requirements completely We design and build each athletic chamber that complies with the specifications and the site environment. Official approvals of the specifications and layouts before the chamber production and confirmations for any changes during the production.

Extremely Low Noise Level
To provide the most comfortable training environment to the athletes

Good Safety Control
A series of safety accessories are in place to enhance the safety of the chamber, such as alarms, TV monitoring, emergency stops (auto/manual) etc.

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